BC.Game AML Policy 

BlockDance B.V. runs BC Game. The company knows that providing online gaming services can lead to money laundering and funding terrorism. That’s why they follow strict rules against illicit financial handling.

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What Is Money Laundering?

This is the process of making illegally earned funds appear legitimate. The process can involve three steps: 

  1. Placement: Illegal cash is put into regular banks, through deposits or other means.
  2. Layering: Diverse funds maneuver separate illegal finances from its origins. This could mean turning cash into traveler’s checks, sending funds through wires, or buying things like stocks or bonds.
  3. Integration: People use legal transactions to conceal illicit funds. This allows the person to reclaim the laundered cash, making it appear legitimate once more.

How Does BC.Game Prevent Money Laundering?

BlockDance B.V. takes steps to stop bad finances and keep terrorists away. The brand uses rules and checks in its everyday work to do this. The casino follows the rules to stop finances manipulation, as required by Curacao’s laws.

BlockDance B.V. created a plan to stop it. The company wants to find, stop, and tell the government about any illegal funds activities using its services. The plan gets better when laws change and industry standards improve.

The AML policy addresses:

To follow AML rules, a 1x required bet on every deposit is needed before asking to take cash out. If this isn’t done, withdrawal might be stopped or limited until it’s finished. After you fulfill the requirements, you can withdraw. Like if you put in $100, you need to play $100 worth before getting cash. If you make $58 profit from this, you can withdraw $158. Users have the opportunity to engage in more betting options to accumulate extra rewards.

When you make a profile on BC.Game, you promise to follow the laws about money and terrorism. You say you didn’t get any finances from illegal places. The brand can ask for information to follow the laws. The company keeps your documents and watches for unusual activity. The casino can check who you are to keep things safe.