Responsible Gambling in BC.Game

Engaging in online betting offers enjoyment, making it an appealing pastime. BC.Game prioritizes the welfare of its players and advocates for responsible gambling practices.

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BC.Game Tips for Filipino Players

The casino and sports betting sections of BC GAME were created to provide maximum fun for users. The brand wants players to enjoy themselves responsibly. Always remember:

Gaming Addiction Test

If you answer “yes” to seven or more of these questions, it’s a good idea to seek help for gambling issues, as suggested by Gamblers Anonymous: 

  1. Have you found yourself losing track of time while gambling?
  2. Has gambling caused tension or problems in your home life?
  3. Do people around you view you differently due to your gambling habits?
  4. Have you ever felt guilty or regretful after gambling?
  5. Do you resort to gambling when facing financial troubles?
  6. Have you noticed a decrease in your productivity because of gambling?
  7. Have you tried to chase losses while continuing to gamble?
  8. Do you feel compelled to keep gambling after a win so that you can try and win more?
  9. Do you frequently gamble until you’ve spent all your money?
  10. Do you resort to borrowing money to fuel your gambling habit?
  11. Have you ever sold your possessions to finance your gambling?
  12. Do you hesitate to use money for necessary expenses because you’d rather gamble?
  13. Does gambling sometimes make you neglect your own or your family’s well-being?
  14. Do you often find yourself gambling for longer than you intended?
  15. Have you used gambling as a way to escape stress or worries?
  16. Have you ever considered doing something illegal to fund your gambling?
  17. Do you have trouble sleeping because of gambling-related thoughts or stress?
  18. Do you feel the urge to gamble when you’re emotionally distressed?
  19. Have you ever felt the need to gamble when something good happens in your life?
  20. Have thoughts of self-harm or suicide crossed your mind because of gambling?

Under Age Gambling

Individuals who haven’t reached the age of 18 must not gamble on the BC. Game. Random checks are done through payment portals,where money is deposited. The casino has the authority to ask for ID. If you’re not old enough to gamble legally, the brand won’t let you onto the website. If someone bunder18 is found, they lose their winnings, their accounts get shut down, and authorities in their country are informed. 

The casino knows that because the internet is everywhere, kids under 18 can easily join and play at online casinos. Parents should know what their kids are doing with gaming gadgets. So, the brand really urges parents to team up and keep their kids away from these gambling sites. There are special programmes out there that can help with this. 

BC.Game Player Support Measures 

The casino wants to make sure everyone stays safe while enjoying the games. The brand recommends that all players take a moment to look out for these helpful tools on the website:

Self-Exclusion Option

If you want to stop using casino services, you can use the self-exclusion feature. Initiate the automated self-exclusion procedure by establishing a limit, and you’ll undergo temporary exclusion from your account for the selected timeframe. Opt to exclude yourself for either 1, 3, 6, 12 months, or permanently.

Please note that the brand will restrict access to all website products, and any remaining balances will not be accessible during this period. The company will send you a confirmation email to confirm your request.

Finding Support: Resources for Gambling Concerns

In case you require support, the provided international contact information awaits your reach:

Gamble Responsibly

If you find it hard to control your gambling habits, it’s best to steer clear of them altogether. This ensures you don’t put yourself and people you care about at risk. Countless individuals have suffered greatly from ignoring the warning signs of irresponsible gambling. When you play at BC.Game, support is just a click away. The brand is always here to listen and assist you whenever you need it.

RTP, or return to player, is a feature common to all casinos and games, along with a predetermined house edge. This house edge basically means the casino has an advantage in the long run. So, it’s crucial to only gamble with money you can afford to lose. The main idea is to have a good time and enjoy yourself. Remember, gambling is all about luck, so while you might win, there’s also a chance you could lose.

Join BC.Game for a fun gaming experience and the support you need to stay responsible.