Privacy Policy on BC.Game Casino

This privacy policy outlines how BC.Game handles personal data collected from members and users of the sites, mobile apps, under the BC.Game brand. The casino promises to protect and manage personal details in line with privacy laws and this policy.

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What Data Does the Casino Collect About You?

When people seek commercial credit, they use BC.Game’s service, sign up for services on BC.Game’s site, connect to their services, reach out to them, take part in online surveys, or engage with BC.GAME in any other manner. BC.Game might collect different types of information, such as:

Sometimes, BC.Game gathers “sensitive” details. This might include things like race, nationality, political views, religion, or similar beliefs; membership in trade unions; or information about sex life or sexual orientation. According to legal requirements, the brand may also gather information about alleged or proven criminal activity or health.

Use of Personal Data

The casino can gather and use data about individuals to understand how people use and engage with the services. This helps to comprehend users’ connections and interests. BC.Game can also use your details for the following purposes: 

Disclosing of Your Personal Data

The casino may give access to your hidden details to certain individuals. Familiarize yourself with to whom and in what cases the company may disclose your details. 

Disclosure to Other Data Controllers

To reach the above goals, the company will give your info to other companies in the same BC.Game group. The brand will also tell other third parties about your info if you give the permission (if the law says they have to) or if you ask for a service (like connecting with other apps). 

These services might let other companies get and handle your info. If you use an email linked to your work to access BC.Game, the company might share these details with that business.

Disclosure of Details for Fraud Prevention and Security Considerations

The company shares details with businesses to handle fraud, deceit, and security issues. Additionally, it may disclose data to prevent unlawful behaviors or protect rights following legal rules. This includes safeguarding employees, users, and the general public.

Disclosure to Data Processors

For the purposes mentioned, the casino shares your non-public facts with companies that handle it on their behalf. These companies include customer service providers, analytics technology providers, payment processing services, and hosting services. Agreements have been made with these companies as required by law. They are required to protect your personal information according to privacy principles.

Other Data Disclosed

The company might tell others about your personal info in these cases:

  1. You agree to it.
  2. The company thinks it has to share information because of a court order, law, or emergency where someone might get seriously hurt or die.
  3. If the company merges with or gets bought by another company, sells its site or business, the brand might share your info with potential buyers, their advisors, and the new owners.

Protection of Your Details

BC.Game employs administrative, technical, and physical measures to safeguard non-public details. It considers the type of data and threats involved. The brand consistently enhances these measures to ensure hidden data remains secure.

Data Retention

The brand lets you delete certain data whenever you want. The casino also automatically deletes some data. The company keeps other data longer if needed. You can edit your information, delete chat posts, or your profile.

The company stores your data for up to five years after you close your profile or stop contacting them. This is necessary for legal reasons and to defend against any future claims. The brand also keeps certain information for longer periods when needed, like when someone excludes themselves from the services for responsible gaming.

Reasons why some data may be kept for extended periods include:

The company is dedicated to upholding the privacy of private details under the relevant data protection laws.

Children’s Information

BC.Game is very focused on making sure kids stay safe on the internet. The casino asks parents to help watch online. The casino doesn’t collect any details from people under 18. If you think your child gave away this info on the site, contact BC.Game fast. The casino will quickly remove any such details from the files.

Data Protection Rights

As a user, you have the following rights:

Once a request is made, the company will respond within a month. If you wish to exercise any of these rights, simply contact BC.Game.

Liability for Password Retention and Data Leakage

The company understands the importance of keeping passwords safe and preventing any possibility of data leaks.

Password Retention

BC.Game prioritizes safeguarding your password. The casino doesn’t keep passwords in plain text. Instead, the casino relies on encryption to protect sensitive information. The company advises users to create strong, unique passwords, not share them, and update them regularly for added security.

While the company works hard to protect user data, it’s important to realize that no system is entirely immune to risks. That’s why users must do their part in keeping passwords confidential and secure.

Data Leakage

In case there’s a data breach or leak, BC.Game assures swift action. The company will promptly investigate, take necessary steps to minimize harm, and notify those impacted, following legal requirements.

External Links from The BC.Game Site

The BC.Game site has links to other sites on the Internet. Users can click on these links to visit other sites. But, the BC.Game site’s privacy policy doesn’t cover those linked sites. Users should check the privacy policy of the linked site.

Use of Cookies

The casino can place and retrieve cookies on your computer when you go to any pages or sites associated with BC.Game. These cookies help the system get the necessary details to offer the services you want. You can delete cookies anytime from your web browser settings.

Use of Google Analytics

It’s important to describe how Google Analytics gathers, manages, and safeguards information. Google Analytics plays a significant role in understanding how people interact, improving site quality, and enhancing marketing strategies. However, using it requires clarity and adherence to regulations to safeguard user privacy.

Google Analytics primarily collects data through cookies, tracking codes, and user IDs. These tools monitor various user activities, such as page visits, duration of visits, location, and device usage. This information assists BC.Game in refining its offerings, enhancing the user experience, and tailoring content to align with visitor preferences.

Changes to BC.Game Privacy Policy

In the future, the brand might change the privacy policy. But you will always find the newest version. The casino will let you know if the big changes were made. Just keep using the services if you agree to the BC Game Privacy Policy.

BC.Game makes sure to keep your details safe online. If you need help or have any thoughts about how the company handles your information, you can email [email protected]. If you’re unsure about the privacy policy, you can let the casino know through the same email. If you’re not happy with the answer, you can keep sharing your worries via email.

The team will check your email within three (3) days. The brand aims to fix your problem within one (1) month after getting it or in a reasonable time. If your issue is complex or there are many problems, BC.Game will tell you it might take more than a month. The company will try to solve it within 2 months after getting it. The casino might refuse requests that are not reasonable or go beyond legal needs, like those that require a lot of effort or might cause problems like fraud.