BC.Game Terms of Service 

The agreement between players and BC.Game is shown here. Before using the casino site, players should read these terms and conditions.

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Main Rules

If a game starts but fails because of a system issue, BC.Game will give back the money bet in the game to the player by adding it to their profile or paying it to them if the account is gone. If the player has some credit when the game fails, the casino will add the money equivalent of that credit to their account or pay it to them if the profile is gone.

BC.Game has the authority to refuse or restrict bets. Users can’t bet more than what’s in their profile. Any winnings go directly into the user’s profile. BC.Game has the power to keep money if it thinks someone’s been cheating. The casino can also stop or change any games on the site.

BC.Game has the authority to cancel a bet partly or completely if any of these situations have happened:

Prohibited Uses

The site is made only for individual users to use. Players can only bet for fun and can’t make more than one profile, especially to cheat or misuse the service.

People from places like Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao, France, Netherlands, Saba, Statia, St Martin, and the USA can’t use the service. It’s also not okay for citizens of other countries to use it while in those places. Trying to get around these rules by changing location or giving false information is breaking the rules.

Know your Customer 

BC.Game can ask you for any documents that are needed to figure out who you are and where you’re from. The brand can also hold off on providing services or payments until it is sure about your identity.

Limitations and Liability

BC.Game won’t be responsible for any extra, unplanned, direct, or indirect damages, no matter what happens, even if the brand knew it could happen before.

Using or misusing the service won’t make BC.Game liable for lost profits, business interruptions, or any other financial losses. However, if someone gets hurt or dies because of BC.Game’s carelessness, the casino can be held accountable.


If someone wants to complain, they can reach out to BC.Game’s support team at [email protected]. If the issue isn’t solved, players can seek help from the legal jurisdiction mentioned below.


The casino can change the Agreement anytime without telling you. When the company does, you have to follow the new Agreement. So, you should always read the Agreement to know the rules. If you keep using the Service, it means you agree to any changes in the Agreement.

Governing Law

The laws of Curacao will control the agreement. The players agree completely that the courts of Curacao will decide any arguments about the agreement. Users won’t argue that the courts of Curacao are not the right place to decide. BC.Game can still take them to court somewhere else. The brand can also go to court in more than one place at the same time.

If one part of this agreement becomes against the law, wrong, or unable to be enforced in one place, it doesn’t change if other parts can be followed in that place or if all parts can be followed in other places.

Advantage Play

If someone takes a bonus or promotion from the casino just to make sure they win money from it, the brand will take away any money they win and close their profile. The brand might do this if users try to use tricks to get money from the casino.

For example, players might wait to play a game until they don’t have to bet any more money. Alternatively, they might put more money into their profile while they still have chances to win extra money from the casino.

If someone makes very small bets or tries to play it safe to meet the requirements for using a bonus, the casino will also consider that as cheating. If the brand thinks someone cheated, it won’t give them any more money and might take away any money they already won.

Bonuses and Promotions

BC.Game has the power to end any promotion if it’s being misused. When someone uses a deposit bonus, they can’t take out their initial deposit until they meet the rules in the user agreement for the bonus.

If someone breaks any rule of a special offer, BC.Game can remove the bonus. The brand might also adjust bets to correct the odds or cancel free bet bonuses. BC.Game reserves the right to cancel any bet made with a bonus. The casino can charge a fee to cover their expenses. Verification documents may be required before granting bonuses or offers.

Each person/profile, family, place of residence, email address, IP address, and locations where many people use computers (such as universities, fraternities, schools, libraries, workplaces, etc.) can only receive bonuses once. The company can shut down your profile and take away any money you have if it sees proof of misuse or fraud.

You agree that some offers might have rules about when you can take out money and what you have to do first. These rules will be clear and easy to find when you see the offer. If you try to take out money before meeting the rules, the casino will take back the bonus and any winnings from it before letting you take out any money.

Self-Exclusion Rules

By choosing to take a break from playing, one agrees to follow certain rules. These rules start when CS puts in place the break time. You can take a break for 1, 3, 6, 12 months, or forever. To take a break, contact Live Support. 

While on a break, you can’t log in or take out money. If you have bets waiting when you take a break, they stay valid. They get settled based on what happens officially. After the break, you can get money from any winning bets. 

BC.Game won’t cancel any bets made before the break. Once you’re on a break, you can’t change it or end it early. You have to wait until the break time you picked is over. If you want to extend your break, talk to customer service. When your break time is up, you can ask to use your profile again. Send an email to [email protected] to ask.

When someone self-excludes, they promise not to make a new account. They won’t try to add money to a BC.Game profile. They won’t bet on the site during this time. Self-exclusion is the player’s choice. BlockDance B.V. isn’t responsible for any losses during self-exclusion.